Each company has a different privacy policy, and you should check the privacy policy when you go to get your services from all those companies. So let us know today about our company’s privacy policies. Since our privacy policies are very user-friendly, we hope you will be more interested in our services.

1. Change Of Privacy Policy

We always give our clients the main priority. Privacy policies are sometimes changing to the client’s requirements and demands. After informing the client about all the policies, the page is updated at his convenience. However, we cannot change specific privacy policies for our services. We also always submit all user-friendly privacy policies.

2. Data Collected

We may need these personal data from you:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Job Title:
  • Profession:
  • Company Or Business name:
  • Contact information (Mobile Number, Email Address, Billing Information):
  • Company or Business Website:
  • Your interests & demographic info:
  • Vat registered number:
  • Financial information:
  • IP address:
  • Pictures for Complete our Photo Editing Services:

3. What We Do With The Data

Some of the information we collect from our clients is usable for various purposes. Some of the notable ones are mentioned below:

  • Keep The Internal Record
    We need a lot of information to know all the client’s photo editing needs. We strive to provide the best possible service to all our clients.
  • Enhance The Service Quality
    Our company always wants to improve our services. All accurate information is required to provide clients with the right amount of clipping path services. As a result, we can provide better services.
  • Give Many promotional offers.
    Our company gives many promotional offers for different services. It is relatable to photo editing and clipping paths services. All those promotional messages are sent to the email or contact number through the information provided by you so that you can know about our promotional services and accept our service very quickly.
  • Communicate with you too
    We need many types of surveys at different times. So that we can complete various researches about our clients, all the valid information was given by you, such as your name, mobile number, fax number, and email address; all this information is used to do various market research. Through this, it is possible to take the company further.
    promotional services and accept our service very quickly.
  • Website Customization
    All this data assists us in preparing our website to be more elegant. We will more beautifully customize our websites based on the client’s attention.

4. Use of your Photos

You can rest to ensure that we will never use a picture of a client’s product or any picture for any personal purpose. We sometimes use all those pictures in the trial of our website. But if you do not want all the images of your product to be used elsewhere, let us know, and we will never do such a thing. When it comes to using images, posting them on websites, or creating trial images, we work entirely as professionals. We also always publish their photos publicly with permission from each client.

5. Security Details

We can assure you, of course, that all the information you provide to us will be completely secure. We will take every precaution to keep all your information safe. All the information you share will be between you and us only, and no third party will be able to get that information here since all your information is in the online sector. It is more likely heck from the online sector. So that we always provide the highest security for your privacy relationship. We have installed some online software in our business sector through which all your information will be 100% secure.

6. Cookies

Different cookies come on the websites at different times, just like different cookies come on our website. There are different types of cookies. Some cookies are good, and some are bad. However, each of the cookies you receive while using our website will be good for you and help you further improve the services. We always strive to ensure that all your personal information is entirely secure. No cookies on our website will interfere with your security.

Type of Cookie
  • Strictly necessary Cookies.
  • Analytical or Performance Cookies.
  • Functionality Cookies.

7. Security Law & Our Legal Obligations

We conduct business in compliance with all types of Security laws and Legal Obligations so that you can safely take our service and exchange all kinds of information. Photo Editing is being done according to all the country’s laws, so we are completely reliable.

8. Links to the other websites

When you enter our website, links to various other websites may appear. However, the links to those websites are not under our control, so be careful before entering.

After reading our privacy policies, you must understand how user-friendly it is and how much this service will be suitable for you. Then contact us today without delay and accept our service.