In a nutshell, this section will help you understand how our image editing website does its job.

  • The following are all the terms and conditions that we will inform you about to understand the full service of image editing. Our clients can avail of the website’s services by following all the terms and conditions here
  • We change all terms and conditions at different times. When we upload the terms & conditions on our website, these conditions are adequate after seven days.
  • The terms we have will be limited to you and us. These agreements between you and us will only apply to this work.
  • You can press your order by following all the terms and conditions and complete all kinds of work with us when you visit our website.
  • When you press the order for your company, you must know our guarantee, warranty, payment method, and everything.
  • We always try our best to give you the best service and inform you about all our types of trams and conditions before providing the service. You can receive our services entirely independently. You can also find out all kinds of information about us before accepting our service.

Decision of agreement

Clients will confirm all orders for photo editing or other services of their choice, and we will always be ready to complete those orders with us. Of course, you have to pay the exact price given by the company here.

Payment Method, Refund policy, and Cancellations

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The client has to make the proper payment before starting any work. You can also do this if you want to pay by credit card. In addition, those who want to work every month will be able to pay off their credit card payments later if they do not want to work later.

ii) Quality Guarantee & Refunds Policy

We always strive to provide the highest quality guaranteed work. However, if clients think they do not like their job, they want a refund. However, it will require a reasonable reason. Moreover, we will not accept a refund policy.

iii) Prices

There is a price list for each work; you must see it. Also, if there is an additional requirement for exceptional work, the price may change. Of course, in the case of pricing, we have an agreement so that there is no problem in the future.

Equalizing of Services

A client will be able to set Offsetting after taking our service only when there is a legal provision. There must also be some written proof from the company, which will not be acceptable.

Retention of record

Delivery will be made after the completion of total payments. You must understand the work by completing the payment within the time applicable by the company.

Promotional Offers and Discounts

Our company often offers various promotional offers and discounts to specific clients. So if you confirm the order within the period of all the promotional offers offered by the company, you can get a discount. However, those discounts will not be applicable for any period other than the promotional offer period. Other times there will be regular prices.


Clients and others are using copyright images exclusively for their work. However, the general will not be able to cross any boundary. We must take care of all these copyright matters.


We will not be liable for any casualties beyond our control, such as data transmission problems, data theft or hacking, disconnection due to various online errors, etc. In a word, we will be responsible for all the losses incurred through our company. We will not be liable for any other damages.

Diligent Property

When you send us various files to receive our services, We will transfer all those pictures and files to you after editing. Of course, you will accept that there will be no third-party priority here.

Free Trial Policy

You can take some free trial photography to see our work style. After sending us at least three pictures, we will be able to edit them and send them to you. We can upload all those images to our website after taking your permission. Also, all the pictures will have our logo on them. You can’t use them for any business. If you want to use it for business, you must complete our payment service and then use it.


Of course, every client has to keep all our information confidential and keep all kinds of information of each handy client safe and confidential. You must ensure that no market value of our company is reduced. We must take legal action if any other third party knows about the conversation between you and us and any harm to our company.

Final Word

Before taking any service from our company, you must know the terms and conditions of all of us and then accept the service. It will be good for you and our company.